Silvana Saldaña began her guitar studies when she was 9 years old and at the age of 11 she started her formal musical studies at...


Silvana Saldaña is a successful Argentine guitarist who specializes in playing the music of Latin American composers.”… ” It’s a delightful affair from beginning to end, with a lot of stylistic variety, but also a certain consistency that I find attractive.

Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine, California, USA, September 2017

… Worthy of note is the interpretation of the final piece on the album: Sonata No. 1 by Guastavino, which stands out for its clarity of phrasing and expressiveness; … Silvana Saldaña displays a remarkable command of language which makes the piece particularly performed.

Seicorde Magazine, Milan, Italy, July 2014

… On this album, she expresses with great genius the peculiarity of each composer. Saldaña interpreted each one impeccably capturing the magic from each of them…

Gendai Guitar Magazine, Tokyo, Japan, February 2017

… Remarkable interpretation of the Villa-Lobos study

Lic. Claudio Mamud, Music Pages Magazine, Bs. As., April 2005

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